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Support for scholars and independent authors

developmental editing

This type of edit usually happens once an author is close to completing or has finished the first draft of a manuscript or article. I evaluate the text’s argument, organization, style, clarity, and flow. My critique involves a very detailed reading, with extensive comments and in some cases suggested rewrites and/or deletions. This can also occur at a later stage, after you have received requests for revision from your readers' reports and acquiring editor. Some editors refer to this as “book doctoring,” or if the evaluation includes line edits, “substantive editing.”

This is often a multi-step process. The first stage usually involves an initial evaluation of the manuscript, drawing up a plan for revision, and making direct line edits to the manuscript, if appropriate. The author then revises the manuscript and sends either the full text or select chapters back to me for another round of edits.

dissertation-to-book revision

In most cases a dissertation requires heavy revision before it can be considered a book manuscript. This reshaping involves a developmental edit to target certain elements that are required in a dissertation but don't work for a book. I will help you strengthen your own argument and voice, open the book up to a wider audience, and identify areas that need elaboration or trimming.

book proposal and publishing consultation

As innovative as a project is or important as a particular story may be, if the book proposal doesn't represent it well, it can end up in the recycle bin. From more than a dozen years of experience working with academic publishers, I know what an acquiring editor is looking for in a proposal and can help an author highlight those key elements that will make a project stand out. I can guide authors through the process of proposing a book, securing a contract, completing a manuscript, and navigating it through the peer-review process to reach that ultimate goal of publication--all with compassion and an understanding of just how daunting and anxiety producing it can be.


Also referred to as a "line edit," this involves a line-by-line edit of the manuscript for sentence structure, grammatical errors, tone, consistency, and repetition. In some cases I perform both a developmental and copy edit in the same stage; I call these combined tasks a “substantive edit.”


English is my first language and I have a master's degree in Spanish from Tulane University. I have experience translating academic books, articles, educational and health-related materials, and lectures from Spanish to English. I also served as the Translation Manager and Editor at School Wise Press from 2006-2014.